Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, can be found in almost any electronic product. The board serves as the foundation and connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from one or more sheet layers. 

When you want to turn your design ideas into real products, you need to have tools that let your creativity flow and innovation flourish without any limitations of time and place.

PCB Droid provides an easy way to design your printed circuit boards for your electronic projects anywhere. It can be an extension hardware for your raspberry PI or Arduino panel, a printed circuit board for the drone or 3D printer you designed, or even help you add LED lighting to your motorcycle! Create your custom PCBs on your mobile device or on your tablet fast and efficiently. You can also use a desktop environment thanks to our Unity version. Share and export your finished designs and save time by working on your projects during your daily commute, no matter where you are.

PCB Droid is an innovative and unique application developer company, originating from Hungary and Finland. Our vision is to become the leading PCB design application with the largest reference library in the world. 

We have a young innovative team and we value our strong developer background and multinational cooperation. User-centricity and years of experience ensure our expertise in creating the amazing, mobile PCB Droid application for next generation designers. 

Due to the success of the previous version and the novel touch screen based PCB design application, the company attracted high prestige investors:

  • László Kovács, CEO of Pont Systems Zrt., angel investor, mentor
  • David Helgason, Founder and board member of Unity Technologies
  • Peter Vesterbacka, Entrepreneur, angel investor and former Mighty Eagle of Angry Birds (Rovio)
  • Aaron Michelin, accredited European Angel Fund Business Angel
  • Timo Teimonen, Entrepreneur, business angel and CEO of Aqsens Health Ltd., former head of Nokia Ventures.

This commitment enabled the company to develop a new, more advanced version of the PCB Droid application. 

Our mission is to serve creative PCB designers with our mobile, cross-platform, cloud-based PCB design application and offer accessible and affordable PCB designing for anyone, anywhere, with any device. Based on our application, we also build educational services enabling distance learning and providing help for teachers, educational institutions and universities to educate new, innovative PCB designers.




Founder, CTO

Electronic hobbyist, Arduino and IoT enthusiast



Test Manager

Experience in technology frameworks for over 5 years




Over 25 years of experience in software development


László MAGDA


Unity developer, C# developer


Antinkatu 2, 28100 Pori, Finland

Business ID: FI2947809-1