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Beta is here...

Would you like to participate in testing the PCB designing application available for most platforms?

The Unity version of the PCB Droid goes further than before: besides mobile platforms it now supports desktop environment (Windows, Linux, MacOS) making it possible to design your PCBs on your computer.

Join up with your friends and share the experience of PCB designing together!

The new feature of the Unity-based version is the teamwork which lets you work on the same project with other users. There is no need to export and send your projects anymore, as you can keep on designing in real time on the same pieces. You do not need to worry about the security either: your projects are accessible only by those whom you give permission to.



Bring your projects with you anywhere you go so you can work on them while travelling or waiting at the bus station

Cloud services

Sync all your projects and macros between your devices

Project share

Share your project with your friends and collagues and create something amazing together

Design tools

Connect elements with rubberwire tool, use autoroute to conbnect them, check validity with DRC tool


Create Gerber, PDF or image file from your project and materialize it in a way you'd like

What else we provide?

Macro library

Choose from the growing number of component libraries or create your own macro


Design double sided PCB-s to make smaller boards

Easy usage

WYSIWYG type editor, perferct for first steps in electronic

pcb design of the pcb droid application

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What our clients say

"Great Tool This app helpful when I'm doing my projects in EPAS IX make my job easier and convenient and I share to my classmates."


"Exactly, what I needed thanks it works just fine"


"I love this app, easy to use and user friendly"


"Great app! This is just what I needed to help me with my robot"


"The best app ever for designing pcbs I have ever encountered. I can now design pcbs anywhere I want without my laptop. Thank you for making such an app. Totally happy with it. Thumbs up for the developer. Just a suggestion that you should add ICs so that they can be directly used without the need of making them separately on the workspace."




We need these permissions in order to save, load, import and export your projects.

Many of PCB Droid’s features works only with internet access, such as gerber export and cloud storage. The device IDs are used when you have multiple active devices, so we can keep them all synced.

Yes, but not to its full potential. You can use the editor and after you connect to the internet again, PCB Droid will sync your projects and libraries. What you cannot do is downloading new libraries, purchasing ad removal, subscribing, exporting to gerber and in some cases exporting to PDF (see below).

Accordion Content

In some cases, yes. PDF and image export requires a computing capacity, that some mobile devices do not have. To circumvent this problem, the export is done on our server, but PCB Droid cannot send the file to be exported to the server without access to the internet.

Make sure that you entered the same e-mail address you used when creating the PCB Droid account. If you’re trying to log in with your Google account, but originally registered address wasn’t the same you won’t be able to log in.

If the email address is the same, then please check that you entered the password correctly. A working Caps Lock or a turned off NUM Lock may cause problems.

If none of these works, try resetting your password.

If you have forgotten your password then please tap on the “Forgot password?” on the right side of the login screen. On the screen that appears, enter the email you registered and we’ll send a new password to that email address.

Simply write a detailed e-mail of the bug (where you encountered it, what were you doing when it happened, ect.) in English to our support team. They’ll try to help you and forward the bug to the IT team for fixing.

We need the ads to generate revenue, so we could keep our server working and the app updated. For a few dollars you can remove the ads forever while also supporting our efforts. The apps also disappear while you are a Pro or Premium subscriber.

We need have to keep our server working and the app updated, but if we asked for a one-time payment, it had to be a huge sum, thus excluding many  people from the use of PCB Droid. Also, this way you only pay the period of time you really plan on using the app.

Yes. We will release new libraries, but first we want to improve the stability and basic functions of PCB Droid. Until then, you can create your own custom macros.