PCB Droid is an easy-to-use printed circuit board designer application for Android mobile devices

  • Like it I rate 5 because this is the only pcb designer app. I love the new update. It become easier now. I'm just waiting for the other feature to come. Good job guys! Keep it up.
  • Nice app for make quickly PCB layers, for customs circuits.
  • I love it This app help me to recreate some projects with parts that i can obtain. Mouse support nedded for better work. Thanks.
  • Great! I've worked in Electronics for 15 years and only just started to design my own boards. This app is great and if you check datasheets for your components then you can adjust all your parameters accordingly.
  • Excellent I can't see myself using any other pcb design software.

The application

The idea and the solution

Droid PCB is an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn ‘WYSIWYG’ printed circuit board design application for Android mobile devices. It has an ergonomic menu structure designed for touch screens, and offers an extended macro library for the user.

The increasingly widespread use of mobile devices and cloud-based storage solutions has raised the need for CAD software applications to become available on mobile platforms, and for cross-platform interoperability between different devices. In addition to that, in many dynamically growing countries, such as in India, a young engineer would only possess a tablet or phablet as their computer.

The application was not designed for industrial use: the target user group is students, enthusiasts and engineers, as well as professionals who would use the application for designing occasional prototypes and for ordering their manufacturing.

One of our most important aims is to give a chance to the youth of third world who are interested in electronic studies. It could provide new possibilities in electronic engineering education and self-education.


Downloads and History



Beta release

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 1app Application Development Competition, 1st place in Education category

The creation of the .dpcb file extension

2.0 beta release

Cloud storage for projects and macros, industrial standard gerber export

PCB Droid appearance on Web Summit, Server-side file export, autosave


A closer look

Appearance and main features

  • Cloud storage for projects and macros
  • Serve-side export of .pdf, .jpg, .png and industrial standard gerber files
  • Extensive component libraries

Join us

We are looking for partners

We are looking for…

… a venture capital investor or a professional investor willing to finance further development and marketing. Please bear in mind: this is not only an idea, it is a working application which has a substantial user base.

Have we sparked your interest? Please contact us for personal consultation with our colleagues. Looking forward to hearing from you!

We are planning the following development:
Appearing on MS Windows and iOS in addition to the Android platform
Autoroute, DRC check
Functionality for sharing designs and community building
Possibility to order online the designed boards and the required parts