Localization started! First translations: HU, VI, RU

Localization started! First translations: HU, VI, RU

PCB Droid comes in your language

PCB Droid is all about making PCB designing easy and available to everyone and localization plays a huge part in this. Taking into account the users’ requests and our resources, we decided on the first translations: Hungarian, Vietnamese and Russian.  If your language hasn’t been selected yet don’t give up the hope, because there will be many more to come.

The localization continues

The first steps have been made, but we will continue the localization. The next translations will most likely be Spanish and Indonesian but hope to cover most users’ native languages this year. If you’d […] Read more

Join us at DesignCon 2018!

Join us at DesignCon 2018!

Come, meet us!

DesignCon 2018 is coming and we’d like to invite you. We were at DesignCon for the first time in 2017 and it was a blast! We met many wonderful people and had the chance to talk to others in the PCB design industry. It is an awesome opportunity, so if you can make it, meet us there at Santa Clara.

What is DesignCon?

DesignCon is the premier conference for chip, board and systems design engineers in the high speed communications and semiconductor communities. Now in its 22nd year, DesignCon 2018 will take place January 31- February 1 at the Santa […] Read more

Professional tools, in-app tutorials in version 4.0

Professional tools, in-app tutorials in version 4.0

Hop in, we are here to help

If you were confused when first opening the editor or still unsure of yourself we have wonderful news! In PCB Droid 4.0 a new in-app tutorial helps you familiarize with the UI. This is just the first of many tutorials to come, but we’d like to see how you like it. If you tried the tutorial, please leave a review in the Google Play Store/App Store/Windows Store.

Professional tools for everyone

With PCB Droid 4.0 comes a pack of professional tools available for every user:

Connection Test

These are meant to help you design your PCB project much more […] Read more

PCB Droid 4.0 beta is now live! Try it now!

PCB Droid 4.0 beta is now live! Try it now!

Join the beta and try the new features before anyone else

New tools and features are coming to PCB Droid which are meant to help you design your PCB project much more efficiently. They will speed up the drawing process and find the errors in your design so once you get to manufacturing, you get a functional board.

New features:

Connectivity test
DRC (Design Rule Check)
Project sharing
Free users can access Pro features after watching an ad
In-app PCB ordering*

*Currently only available in Hungary

Win 3 months of Pro subscription!

In exchange for your time and effort of sharing your test experiences we would like to offer you […] Read more

PCB Droid Project to Reality: DIY Board Etching

PCB Droid Project to Reality: DIY Board Etching

At some point, you had an awesome idea and decided to start designing your PCB. You spent hours and hours on joyful (and sometimes stressful) work but at last it is finished! Now how to make it a reality? You basically have two choices: do it yourself (DIY) or take it (or send it) to a manufacturer. Both options have their pros and cons, but in this post we will focus on the first one.

Why choose DIY?

Creating your own board at home has its financial benefits, especially if you plan to etch different kinds of boards in a low quantity. […] Read more

New Features and Updates on the Horizon!

New Features and Updates on the Horizon!

Summer is over. The school year is back on. Leaves are changing colors. PCB Droid also has some changes coming. The team is working hard on updates, bug fixes and some new features which are soon to be released.

Three new major feature will be introduced to the application.

Design Rule Check


Project Share

The first one is the Design Rule Checking. DRC determines, whether your design satisfies the recommended parameters. It automatically checks both the logical and physical integrity of your design.

The second feature we are working on is the auto-route. You will be able to connect the parts for example through holes […] Read more

Cross-Platform PCB Designing is Here!

Cross-Platform PCB Designing is Here!

PCB Droid is now downloadable on iOS, Windows 10 and of course on Android. This creates the opportunity for cross-platform PCB designing for your projects.

Start your circuit boards on your Android device and continue designing home on your desktop if it runs on Windows 10. This makes your designing process a piece of cake. With your account you can reach your projects anywhere, anytime no matter if you used a different operation system before.

This is a big help for those who don’t always want to design on their smaller screens, but on their PC. Just make sure you […] Read more