New Features and Updates on the Horizon!

New Features and Updates on the Horizon!

Summer is over. The school year is back on. Leaves are changing colors. PCB Droid also has some changes coming. The team is working hard on updates, bug fixes and some new features which are soon to be released.

Three new major feature will be introduced to the application.

Design Rule Check


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The first one is the Design Rule Checking. DRC determines, whether your design satisfies the recommended parameters. It automatically checks both the logical and physical integrity of your design.

The second feature we are working on is the auto-route. You will be able to connect the parts for example through holes […] Read more

Cross-Platform PCB Designing is Here!

Cross-Platform PCB Designing is Here!

PCB Droid is now downloadable on iOS, Windows 10 and of course on Android. This creates the opportunity for cross-platform PCB designing for your projects.

Start your circuit boards on your Android device and continue designing home on your desktop if it runs on Windows 10. This makes your designing process a piece of cake. With your account you can reach your projects anywhere, anytime no matter if you used a different operation system before.

This is a big help for those who don’t always want to design on their smaller screens, but on their PC. Just make sure you […] Read more