Professional tools, in-app tutorials in version 4.0

Professional tools, in-app tutorials in version 4.0

Hop in, we are here to help

If you were confused when first opening the editor or still unsure of yourself we have wonderful news! In PCB Droid 4.0 a new in-app tutorial helps you familiarize with the UI. This is just the first of many tutorials to come, but we’d like to see how you like it. If you tried the tutorial, please leave a review in the Google Play Store/App Store/Windows Store.

Professional tools for everyone

With PCB Droid 4.0 comes a pack of professional tools available for every user:

  • Connection Test
  • Autoroute
  • DRC

These are meant to help you design your PCB project much more efficiently. If you do not know what these do here’s a brief rundown of the functions.

Connection Test is pretty self-explanatory. If you select this tool and then tap on any component on the board it shows the components to which this is connected electrically.

Autoroute helps you connect through holes and SMD pads quickly by finding the shortest available route if there’s any. First connect the two components with the Rubberwire tool, then select the Autoroute  and tap on the rubberwire  streching between them. Right now this can only be done with components on the same layer, but a well-placed VIA can help with this.

DRC is the abbreviation for Design Rule Check. It checks for errors in your project which would render it unmanufacturable. Long tapping its icon brings up the DRC settings where you can enter the parameters given by the manufacturer you chose.

Work together with friends and colleagues

The bustling electronics community inspired us to offer a social experience to you. The PCB Droid Community is the new Facebook group where you can share your works and ideas, ask for help or just talk about electronics. Still not a member? Join right now, we are waiting for you 🙂

From this version on, you can also send copies of your projects to your friends and receive theirs. You can see what they are working on, check for problems and build on the copies of the projects. This function is currently only available to subscribers.

In-app PCB ordering on its way

Actually, it is already available in Hungary thanks to the fantastic team of NYÁKÁRUHÁZ. If you live here (in Hungary) don’t hesitate to order your favorite projects from them. They are quick, precise and charge a very reasonable price.

You aren’t from Hungary? Don’t worry. In-app ordering is currently in its pilot state, but if things work out we will add new countries to the list.

Until then, go and make something awesome! 🙂