New Features and Updates on the Horizon!

New Features and Updates on the Horizon!

Summer is over. The school year is back on. Leaves are changing colors. PCB Droid also has some changes coming. The team is working hard on updates, bug fixes and some new features which are soon to be released.

Three new major feature will be introduced to the application.

  • Design Rule Check
  • Auto-route
  • Project Share

The first one is the Design Rule Checking. DRC determines, whether your design satisfies the recommended parameters. It automatically checks both the logical and physical integrity of your design.

The second feature we are working on is the auto-route. You will be able to connect the parts for example through holes with rubber wire. After you are done with the process you have the choice of putting the marginal strip manually or let the auto-route feature find the best path available.

Last but not least with the all-new project share you will be able share your projects with another PCB Droid user. So if you want to share a project make sure they have a PCB Droid account activated with his/her e-mail address.

However, there is no timetable for the release of these new features. The team is working really hard, but sometimes it is not enough and still encounter some smaller bugs. Be patient, these updates our on their way and the aim is to provide you the best PCB designing application on the market. The new versions will come out as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t already downloaded the application you can do it from the following links.

Windows version
iOS version
Android version