PCB Droid Community on Facebook

PCB Droid Community on Facebook

Here at the PCB Droid office we want to create something special. The next step is to get you guys closer. Therefore we’ve created a Facebook group, called “PCB Droid Community”. This is going to be the official place to share your ideas, creations to others and give us feedbacks. Moreover, this is where you can ask for guidance if you are stuck with your projects or help a fellow designer out. Link is down below.

Secondly, it is a platform to motivate and inspire others. Also, find an idea, which you can implement in your projects. This group will also give an easier chance to contact the PCB Droid staff. Do not hesitate to ask your questions and one of our team member will answer it. Also, maybe a fellow user can help you. We are looking forward to your projects, ideas and questions about the application and printed circuit boards in general.

However, there are some guidelines you have to comply with to provide you the best and most pleasant user experience. You can find these rules in the group’s description. Please keep the community clean and respect each other’s’ work, ideas.

In conclusion, this gives you a great opportunity to experience the joy of being part of the community of the same interest. It is also a place to make partnerships and design better printed circuit boards with each other.

Create, share and be part of the community!

Join now and invite your friends! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1911315309191623/