Localization started! First translations: HU, VI, RU

Localization started! First translations: HU, VI, RU

PCB Droid comes in your language

PCB Droid is all about making PCB designing easy and available to everyone and localization plays a huge part in this. Taking into account the users’ requests and our resources, we decided on the first translations: Hungarian, Vietnamese and Russian.  If your language hasn’t been selected yet don’t give up the hope, because there will be many more to come.

The localization continues

The first steps have been made, but we will continue the localization. The next translations will most likely be Spanish and Indonesian but hope to cover most users’ native languages this year. If you’d like us to cover your language, let us know in a review or send us a mail. The more requests we receive for a language the more likely it is that we will have PCB Droid translated to that language.

Translate for a reward

You can guarantee that PCB Droid gets localized to your language by volunteering to translate it. If you finish the translation we would be glad to reward you with 3 years of Pro subscription. If you’d like to be a part of PCB Droid’s evolution don’t hesitate to contact us!